BBZA-0001 Tech-Touch Advanced PUM System

Patented Safety Shell System:
A cartridge system which prevents backflow and cross contaminant. Develop a safe and hygienic environment for permanent makeup treatment.

High Definition Touch Panel:
Digital touch panel have various choice of modes for different treatments (Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip, Areola, Tattoo), ensure a stable needle frequency. It’s precision and power giving the procedure less trauma and finer strokes. Provide optimal results in less time.

The Portable PMU Device:
A small and light computing device, easy to be carried. A perfect choice for those who travel or work in a variety of Salons or Offices.

Safety Sensor:
Intelligent skin resistance sensor. When the resistance of skin occurs, the sensor will indicate warning and stop. Offer the better result of pigment color retention.

Other Accessories

  1. Velcro Band with Protection Cover – User-friendly design, users may put the digital panel in the protection cover, and fasten on the arm with Velcro during the procedure.
  2. USB Extension – Could be used to satisfy individual needs.
  3. AC Adapter – Connector of power port, in common use from 120V to 2 40V
  4. Metal Sleeve / Chamber