Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic just supply woman a short period of beauty, but permanent makeup can give woman maintain beauty anytime. The earliest permanent makeup exists in ancient Egypt or earlier, through the years, the large number of technical advancements to influence on the tattoo method and pigments. The permanent makeup also called micropigmentation that permanent color used the tattoo needle to penetrate into the skin. It applies in eyeliner, lips, eyebrows, and eyelids that enhance the color of the skin of the face. The process usually takes one to two hours, if do not only one part, it will take more time to achieve the desired result. Redness and swelling are normal and will typically disappear in a few days, don’t worry about any allergy or side effects.

Bella is a “total solution” for permanent makeup supplies. We are offering products including tattoo machine, needle, spare parts, practice material, manual tools, pigments, training, and anesthetics, in addition this, also providing after care. Our machines have new revolutionary technology; built-in safety assures the security for permanent cosmetics, with a patent safety shell system, which reduces the risk of cross containment and infection during the procedure. In order to satisfy all professionals’ needs, we offer everything to achieve delicate and sophisticated permanent makeup machine, make the procedure more efficient, precise and comfortable, achieving a fabulous result for the permanent cosmetics.

We believe in quality, performance, diversity, and safety; and we also believe that when you have the skill, a better tool is a must. If you need further information on permanent makeup, please contact us or visit the following link.


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