Eyelash Perm

The Eyelash perm has been the most convenient semi-permanent markup method to date. Curly eyelashes can beautify the appearance of the eyes. Under some circumstances, it can not only broaden your vision but also offer a youthful appearance. Bella offers a professional kit, standard kit ,and accessories, such as white glue and eyelash perm rods. Our products are developed by professional pharmacologists. The lotion is mild, safe, and reliable. The content is so natural that your eyelashes can not be harmed. Besides, its effect on eyelashes is excellent and long-lasting.

The procedure of eyelash perming is very simple. What you need to do is to wait 15 minutes until you eyelashes are curled. The effect will last 90 days or 3 months.

Bella Permanent Makeup has more than twenty years of experience in producing cosmetics. With excellent technology, we manufacture natural products that will not cause allergy or side effects. Our products include regular eyelash perm kit and dolly`s lash. Bella’s products have become the designate firm of Medical cosmetic center and individual beautician purchase. We are the only one appoints company that medical cosmetic centers and individuals designate our products.

If you need a set of eyelash perm products with high quality, excellent effect, and no irritation ingredients, please contact us immediately or browse our E-catalog, In addition to eyelash perm products, we also offer permanent makeup, eyelash extension, beauty instrument, tattoo machines , and other related products. Our aim is to offer you reliable, good value services.