BAPA-5320/6320 Supersonic PMU System

Exclusive Streamlined & Ethereal Design 
Supersonic is designed in streamline with feather weight material, 35g only.
Easier to control and more comfortable, helps users to create the most natural hair stroke.

A New Design of Installation
Supersonic provides innovative installation method. Just twist and buckle, easily to install or remove the needle. More efficient and convenient.

New Splendor Needle System
Supersonic has a patented Splendor needle system, which features built-in cushion to prevent backflow and cross contamination.
Exclusively sheath design prevents physical contact to the needle during assembling, which develops a safer and more hygienic environment for permanent makeup treatment.

Splendor System Series

  1. BDBK-1915 1 Point Splendor
  2. BDBK-2915 2 Point Splendor
  3. BDBK-3915 3 Point Round Splendor
  4. BDBK-4915 5 Point Round Splendor
  5. BDBK-5915 7 Point Round Splendor
  6. BDBK-3932 3 Point Round (AP)Splendor
  7. BDBK-4932 5 Point Round (AP)Splendor
  8. BDBK-5932 7 Point Round (AP)Splendor
  9. BDBK-6915 3 Point Flat Splendor
  10. BDBK-7915 5 Point Flat Splendor

Other Accessories

  1. AC Adapter – Connector of power port, in common use from 120V to 2 40V